Spend Management Analyse

Spend Management Analyse
A Purchasing Spend analysis is the process of collecting, cleansing, classifying and analysing a company’s spending data with the purpose purchasing cost reduction of reducing procurement costs, improving efficiency and monitoring compliance. A purchasing Spending Cube visualize the organisational spending by commodity and vendor. It give an answer to the following questions:

  • What am I really spending?
  • With whom am I spending it?
  • Am I getting what’s been promised?

A spending cube analysis is the input to define a Kraljic Purcchasing Matrix

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How to Improve you Delivery Performance?

Just-in-Time supply performance to your customers is one of the most important issues for customer satisfaction. It seems often contrary to the optimal use of the companies available resources. SoureTech develops business programs to balance downstream demand and upstream supply risk. Contact for our approach.  

How to reduce purchasing spendings?

In this time of economic crisis the sales prices are under pressure. This requires to reduce purchasing spending and procurement cost as well. SourceTech develops commodity programs differentiating on financial impact and risk. It will deliver measurable savings in cost and efficiency.  

How to turn your Idea into product?

I have a product idea or design but not the capacity or access to a production source. SourceTech has the skills and global network for the product realisation in a wide range of production technologies. Depending on product and logistic characteristics SourceTech develops a source, local or in a low labour cost country.