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Welcome at SourceTech: Excellence in Global Source & Supply Chain Management of technical products. Take in a nutshell knowledge of the targeted approach to excel your supply chain performance. An excellent managed supply chain generate sustainable competitive advantage, reduce lead time, effects in lower stock level, free-up cash, reduction of supply risk and improve the supply performance to your customers. The ultimate goal is to improve the bottom line result of your companies operating income. Excel your Business >>

SourceTech is a consultancy organisation in the field of Purchasing and Source & Supply Chain Excellence.
SourceTech has its focus on industrial production and technical trade organisations. Apart from a wide knowledge of product and production technologies, SourceTech has special knowledge in building materials and hardware. An excellent managed supply chain will deliver a sustainable competitive advantage. It reduce purchasing lead time, reduction of stock level, free-up working capital employed, manage your supply risk and improves your responsiveness to customer demand. Excel your Business >>

SourceTech is hands- on, self-starting with a focus to deliver demonstrable and distinctive results. With respect for culture and people, SourceTech will challenge, and itsel we also like be challenged, to push boundaries and achieve the highest possible results. SourceTech has a strong believe that ”continuous improvement” and a “motivated and inspired team” are the key issues for a successful business approach. Challenge chances and embrace change!

SourceTech is established in 2007. The name is a combination of “sourcing” and “technology”. The words refer to the core competence: global sourcing of technical products and all strategic and operational processes that support production process such as procurement, purchasing and supply chain management.


Naam:    Vogels, Toine
Specialisatie:         Purchasing, Source & Supply Chain Management
Contactgegevens: E. tv@sourcetech.nl
  M. +31 626 130 228

Toine Vogels studied mechanical engineering ate the Techincal Univesity  HAN  (Bsc). In 1989 he joined the Philips Purchasing University traineeship program of Philips Corporate Purchasing. With Nevi and APICS he was trained in the field of Purchasing & Source & Supply Chain Management. With variety of functions at Philips, Maasziekenhuis, Doorwin and as co-owner of Themans he has a wide international entrepreneurial business experience. In 2013 Toine sold his share in Themans and acquired the ownership of SourceTech.
Toine has a pragmatic and decisive approach with a strong focus to deliver. In his leisure time Toine prefers a sporty activity such like running, hockey, windsurfing, skiing and snowboarding.

The assignments of Tech Source are set in MKB / MKB+ and multinational industrial production environments and technical trade organisation. Due to a wide experience, knowledge and network SourceTech has a lot of customers in the building materials industry.

Social Sustainable Entrepreneurship
SourceTech takes responsibility for the impact of its operations on people and the environment. We advise and make conscious choices to balance between People, Planet and Profit. In our consultancy innovation and sustainable growth for human welfare, the environment and society are key issues. We like to challenge new opportunities for now and in the future.

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How to Improve you Delivery Performance?

Just-in-Time supply performance to your customers is one of the most important issues for customer satisfaction. It seems often contrary to the optimal use of the companies available resources. SoureTech develops business programs to balance downstream demand and upstream supply risk. Contact for our approach.  

How to reduce purchasing spendings?

In this time of economic crisis the sales prices are under pressure. This requires to reduce purchasing spending and procurement cost as well. SourceTech develops commodity programs differentiating on financial impact and risk. It will deliver measurable savings in cost and efficiency.  

How to turn your Idea into product?

I have a product idea or design but not the capacity or access to a production source. SourceTech has the skills and global network for the product realisation in a wide range of production technologies. Depending on product and logistic characteristics SourceTech develops a source, local or in a low labour cost country.